D.I.Y. Journeys

India is an incredible country with a variety of alluring experiences. From enchanting mountains to serene beaches, from deserts to lush forests, from salt plains to fertile fields, the Indian landscape is diverse and absolutely vivid! And so are the people, their cultures and cuisine!

Forget the guidebook and the tourist trail! Walk the road untravelled, and explore India that not many people have experienced before. The stays, the vibrant culture and the delectable local cuisine will rejuvenate your life in indigenous ways. Interact closely with nature, in a safe & comfortable environment, with local people, their legends & stories, and unwind & luxuriate. At the same time, the revenue that your visits generate will help support and sustain the local communities, their heritage, culture, traditions and art forms. I aim in promoting responsible tourism and exclusive travel experiences.

I have travelled few places outside India but my journeys across India have made me realise, there are vast experiences one can expect and encounter at different destinations across the country. Based on my personal travel and knowledge of the country, I plan and execute aesthetic, effortless journeys for travellers all across India.

I work closely with my travellers to understand their interests and curiosities. Based on that, I personalise journey plans for travellers and ensure that the planning process as well as the journey are fun, hassle-free and worth remembering.

Thrill seeker, escapist, self-improver, pioneer, spirituality-seeker, curiouser, solace-finder, collector, the kind of traveller you are, I’ll help you curate the right experiences.

I work with charming B&B’s, home stays, farm stays, eco-resorts, boutique hotels, experiential accommodations and other exquisite stays in India. I partner with reliable drivers who are safe and friendly and have immense local knowledge about the region.

If you want a D.I.Y. journey, drop me an email with your tentative travel dates, choice of destinations and number of travellers. I will communicate to you at the earliest to plan a journey for you, working along with your interests and designing a travel plan personalised for you.I work with travellers thoughts and my ideas, to make a choice from the options and experiences best suited to their tastes. Once we reach at a plan from which travellers get a positive vibe, I make all necessary arrangements and bookings, communicate and coordinate with various service providers before and during the journey, and handle all payments and confirmation for the travellers.

 I personally travel all around India in order to see everything with my own eyes and get first-hand knowledge about the places and its myriad facets. This gives me a chance me to understand the kind of experiences suited for different kind of travellers, allowing me to customise journeys for travellers.

A fixed planning fee of 20% of the total trip cost is charged by me. As an independent travel specialist, Pheritales, receives special discounted rates from accommodation, transport and activity partners. These rates are typically 15-20% lower and are with exclusive offers, than what is available to travellers who book directly. The fixed 20% planning fees are charged on these special, discounted rates. Therefore, the planning fees do not lead to any cost increase for the travellers. I will make sure not only the journey is smooth and hassle-free, but everything fits your bill.